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FL: Governor Signs Bill to Criminalize Sex Offender Loitering

May 27, 2010

orlandosentinel.com: Crist signs bill in Orlando strengthening sex offender laws.

Gov. Charlie Crist signed a bill today that strengthens Florida’s laws against sex offenders and predators.

Crist signed the bill — which makes it illegal for sex offenders and predators to loiter or prowl within 300 feet of a place where children congregate — in front of several-dozen parents, teachers and staff at Timber Lakes Elementary School. (How does a police officer define loitering? It is a subjective determination and is open to abusive application)

The legislation also makes it illegal for sex offenders or predators who were previously convicted of a crime against children, to:

Approach a child in a public park with the intent to engage in sexual conduct or sexual communication
(It is illegal to do that in any place at any time, already)

Be at a child care facility or school without prior notification or approval
(Many people required to register as sex offenders are parents of school children and have every right to be at their child’s school just like any other parent)

The bill also limits sex offenders and predators from participating in activities that would be attractive to children, such as dressing up in costumes like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.
(This is just plain ridiculous, unconstitutional and unenforceable in all but public settings)

Crist noted the legislation was passed unanimously.The bill signing prompted applause from the parents and staff who gathered in the school’s media center to see the governor. “Now we get to protect our children more,” Crist said. (He is clearly pandering for political advantage, which is disgraceful and ignorant of the facts that only 2% of child sex offenses are committed by strangers)

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