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From Three Back to Five : Ohio Sex Offender Re- Re- Classification

June 7, 2010 Comments off From Three Back to Five: Tens of thousands of sex offenders in the state of Ohio will be reclassified…as the result of a state supreme court ruling.

Right now, Ohio has three different categories in which registered sex offenders are placed. It used to have five. Now, with a ruling by the state high court on the constitutionality of a tough new law approved a few years ago, the classification list will go back to five.

“We have, I believe, three individuals in our county, who went from one category under the five (tier system) to the three (tier system), and they were due to drop off of being required to register,” says one Ohio county Sheriff Larry Mincks. “Now, we have those three individuals who are going to go back to the old category, and they’re not going to be required to register at all.”

What may be more of a problem is the administration of these changes. When the law was approved, there was no money allocated for its oversight by local law enforcement officials. And the offenders must be notified of the changes.

“The attorney general will send out letters to all these people,” Sheriff Mincks says. “If these letters came back as undeliverable, or are no longer at that address, then, it is mandated by the sheriff’s office to find where those people are, and to notify them of that change in their registrations.”

The court ruling does not affect any offenders who were convicted after the law went into effect at the beginning of 2008.

More challenges to Ohio’s Sex Offender laws are still under review by the Ohio Supreme Court.

UPDATES, Monday June 7 : Ohio E-sorn Public Registry and County Sheriffs

June 7, 2010 Comments off

This page is updated throughout the day:

UPDATE, Monday June 7, (2:00 pm): called the Ohio Attorney General’s OHLEG office today and spoke with the office of Steve Brown again. His office representative told us that Steve Brown was drafting guidelines and an FAQ to be sent to County Sheriff Departments instructing them as to what to do in order to remove invalid registrants from the Sex Offender Registry in their counties as a result of Thursday’s Ohio Supreme Court ruling in Bodyke vs, Ohio.

Readers should contact their County Sheriff Office to ask about these guidelines as soon as possible. We are still awaiting a return call from our County Sheriff office. You must help to keep the pressure on these state and local authorities to assure they do what they are legally required to do to comply with the Ohio Supreme Court decision.

UPDATE, Monday June 7, (3:30 pm):

We received a return call from Montgomery County Sheriff Office which denied receiving any guidelines yet from the Ohio Attorney General OHLEG office. We were assured that action would be taken as soon as they receive these guidelines but that the Attorney General Office was still meeting to discuss what the Ohio Supreme Court ruling actually meant ! What? They still don’t know what the ruling means??

In the meantime, readers must be vigilant and aware that some Ohio legislators are still planning to skirt the Ohio Supreme Court ruling and introduce new sex offender legislation:

Ohio Senators Tim Shaffer and Tim Grendell have both made public statements regarding the Bodyke decision implying they will propose new sex offender legislation.

Contact them at:

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Tim Grendell: Phone: 614) 644-7718 Email:
Tim Schaffer: Phone: (614) 466-5838 Email:

UPDATE, Monday June 7,
Check back later for more updates…