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What About All Those Fees County Sheriffs Extort From Sex Offenders on Registries?

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We first reported in April 2009 of Ohio County Sheriff Departments charging fees to registered sex offenders when they register on site. See: Ohio County Sheriffs Rape Sex Offenders

We then began hearing that Sheriff Departments were charging such fees in more than 20 Ohio Counties. See: More Ohio Counties Charge Sex Offenders

This allowance was written into the Ohio Revised Code:
311.171 Fees for sex offender registration and notification.(Maximum fee =$100 per year)

We have suggested all along that ex sex offenders refuse to pay these extortion fees. The law says that Sheriffs cannot refuse to register those who do not pay (see C 5). And any unpaid fees can only be pursued through civil debt collection (see C 6): “The county may recover those fees in a civil action in the same manner as other money due the county.”

Now the question arises: What do we do about all the fees which were paid to Sheriff Departments across the state by ex offenders who are now affected by the Bodyke Supreme Court ruling?

Those who are now expunged from the sex offender registries have every right to sue the County, State, Ohio Attorney General and County Sheriff Department to reclaim this money. We suggest that any ex offender who is now removed from the registries file suit to reclaim these fees. This can be done through small claims court, where citizens can sue for amounts less than $3000. Citizens can sue without an attorney and a small filing fee will be required. Check your local courts for instructions on how to file such lawsuits. We are not legal professionals and cannot give specific legal advice, so you should consult your own legal professional or do your own research. It is probably a good idea to include all of those agencies to be sure you include the ultimate party of responsibility (Your County, The State of Ohio, Ohio Attorney General and County Sheriff Department).

Even if this money does not mean much to you (or if you would rather just let it go and get on with your life) you should consider doing this. Putting more pressure on the Sheriff Departments and State will further the cause against such punitive sex offender laws. Right now, in this nation and state, sex offenders are the easy punching bag. Only by fighting back in these types of battles will we ever see significant changes in sex offender laws.

Emails from Ohio Attorney General

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We have received some emails from a reader who contacts the Ohio Attorney General regularly (We thank him and we should all be doing this).

“According to our Attorney, on Friday we’ll give them a list of offenders who we expired. On Monday they will be sending out a letter. It would probably take several days to a week before the letter will get to you. So I would hope that by the 25th you should have something.”

Stephen R. Brown ,Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray,Ohio BCI&I
Supervisor OHLEG/eSorn Technical Support Group, 866.406.4534, 740.845.2229

“After reviewing your record, we have determined that under Megan’s Law your registration duties have been fulfilled. Please contact your County Sheriff Office regarding the expiration of your sex offender record and the subsequent duties to register.”

Stephen R. Brown ,Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray,Ohio BCI&I
Supervisor OHLEG/eSorn Technical Support Group, 866.406.4534, 740.845.2229

We also recieved this , from another reader (Thank you):

“Spoke to Bob Hastings, Hamilton County Appellate Public Defender today. He had the following to say:

* He believes the Ohio Supreme Court will reclassify those in groups a and b (see AG motion to Supreme Court I sent out yesterday and attached here again). He feels those in group C may not be reclassified. He said it is around 50 offenders in group C.

* Bob said he believes the AG office will move forward soon to reclassify those in group A, especially those who will fall off the registry due to the Bodyke decision. He says it is expensive to keep these SOs in the system and that the AG knows that.

* If the AG stops moving forward his office will take legal action.

* Any independent motion by a single SO will take up to 6 months to be resolved. So it is not very prudent at this time to take court action.

* He is meeting tomorrow with the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office and will keep me updated. ”

Update Reports from Readers About Re-Classifications

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Update Reports from Readers About Re-Classifications:

We have created a new page on our blogs where we will post updates from readers who are monitoring whether their re-classifications were updated or not. If you have contacted the Ohio AG, your County Sheriff, or other state authorities and have valuable information to share with other readers, send an email to us here.

If you have seen your registration updated (re-classified or removed), let us know, as well: