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UPDATES, Monday, June 28 : Ohio Esorn Re-Classifications

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Today’s updated number of registered offenders according to the Ohio ESORN web site:

Total Number of Offenders: 18,964 (as of 2pm on 6-28-2010)
Last update: (6-21-2010): 19,206

Readers should continue to contact the Ohio Attorney General’s offices. In particular, we are told that Assistant AG Justin Hykes is the main person of responsibility here. He seems to be increasingly refusing to answer or return calls so be persistent.

Justin Hykes, Assistant Attorney General of Ohio

While a trickle of registrants are being removed, it is nearly a month after the Supreme Court ruling and we have seen just over 300 registrants removed from the sex offender registry, overall. We have heard of only one person receiving a letter from the AG office. Click the Watchdog logo below for more contact info:

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