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Re-classification Letters from Ohio AG

July 1, 2010 Comments off

Thanks to Jay, a reader, we have obtained a copy of the reclassification letters to be sent to those registrants who are affected by the Ohio Bodyke Supreme Court ruling.

The letter is sent from Mr. Steve Raubenolt
Deputy Superintendent of Identification, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
Post Office Box 365
London, OH 43140-0365
(740) 845-2105
(740) 845-2020 Fax

It may be worth trying to contact him if you still have not received your letter. Today marks one month since the Bodyke decision. Yet we have heard of only a couple of people who have received re-classification letters. Readers are encouraged to keep contacting these officials until they do what they are legally required to do, in accordance with the Ohio Supreme Court ruling.

Also contact:
Justin Hykes, Assistant Attorney General of Ohio