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UPDATES, Tuesday, July 6 : Arrogant Ohio Attorney General Office

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We have experienced increasing snotty , arrogant attitudes from the Ohio Attorney General office employees.

Remember that these people are public servants, which means that they work for YOU and me. This attitude they are displaying is totally unacceptable for State Public Servants to demonstrate to the people who pay their salaries.

Do not allow them to intimidate , interrupt or act arrogantly towards you on the phone.
Fight back.

Today, we received an e-fax number for Assistant Attorney General Justin Hykes, who now refuses to return our calls. I encourage all readers ( even those who have received their reclassification letters) to call , email and fax him daily to ask why the AG office has been so slow to act on the Ohio Supreme Court ruling of June 3, 2010. Even those of you who have received your reclassification letters can help others who are still waiting. We are all in this fight together and need to help each other.

Justin Hykes, Assistant Attorney General of Ohio
FAX 614-466-5087
E-fax 1 866 293 1021

Paula Armentrout ,AG Help Center Manager can be contacted here:
Dan, Help Center Supervisor can be contacted here:

Both of these two Help Center lackeys have been exceptionally snotty and arrogant on the phone.

From the Ohio AG website:
“We know about state government and the resources that are available to help Ohioans. We help people navigate those resources. And at the end of the day, it’s a good feeling to know you’ve helped someone with a problem.”

Paula Armentrout
Help Center supervisor

Constituent Services Section

I guess she lost her affection for helping citizens.

It has now been over a month since the Supreme Court decision which overturned sex offender reclassifications by Ohio Senate Bill 10, and we have seen only about 600 registrants removed. At this rate of approximately 150 removals per week, the reclassification process will take 10 years !

It is time to stop being nice about this. Contact the Ohio AG office daily to ask why they are not acting in a timely manner to reclassify registrants. Insist they get the reclassification letters sent out immediately. Ask when they will devote more resources to this job and when it will be completed. Only when we keep pressure on these corrupt public servants will we see any real substantive progress.

Ohio Attorney General Office:
Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, 30 E. Broad St., 17th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215
(800) 282-0515
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Email Ohio ESORN at

OHLEG Support
1-866-40-OHLEG (1-866-406-4534)

Media Contacts:

Kim Kowalski: (614) 728-9692, cell: (614) 893-6018
Ted Hart: Deputy Director of Media Relations
Office of the Ohio Attorney General
PHONE 614-728-4127, cell: (614) 743-2286
EMAIL (614) 728-4127

The only good part of the snotty attitude of these people is that through it, we see that the pressure is starting to work. We must all continue to keep the pressure on these public servants.

The more pressure we can keep on them, the faster these reclassifications will be completed.

Contact them daily !