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July 12, 2010 Comments off

Once we see that the Ohio Attorney General Office has finally reclassified the vast majority of those affected by the Bodyke decision, and once we see the AG Office sending letters to most of these people, will then no longer be responding to emails or blog comments.

So.. if you need or want to contact us, you may have only a few weeks or a month to do so. Make sure to use a subject line related to our blog topic, or it could go unread in the “spam” folder. Anyone who has us on their email address book, or mailing list, please remove us as soon as possible. After we close these blogs, we will no longer receive your messages and will sent up an auto-response just to annoy until you remove us.


Keep contacting the Ohio Attorney General’s Office daily until they get these re-classifications completed and send official letters !
We are hearing from some readers who have told us of their removal from the registry. We are happy to see these people relieved of their illegal punishments but we urge all readers to remain vigilant until the Attorney General Office sends official letters to registrants informing them that they no longer have a duty to register. Having these letters in hand is very important. Law enforcement is just as corrupt and incompetent as other state authorities are. If a sheriff bangs on your door in the middle of the night because you did not register, you need to have that letter in hand !