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UPDATES, Friday, July 23 : Failure of Ohio AG to Abide by Supreme Court Ruling

July 23, 2010

UPDATES, Friday, July 23 : Failure of the Ohio Attorney General Office to Abide by Supreme Court Ruling, which invalidated Ohio’s Senate Bill 10 Adam Walsh Act Re-classification system.

We have been monitoring the ESORN web site since the Bodyke decision on June 3rd. Here is our weekly tracking of the ESORN website numbers.

As of 6-06-2010- Total Number of Offenders: 19,361
As of 6-16-2010- Total Number of Offenders: 19,298
As of 6-21-2010- Total Number of Offenders: 19,206
As of 6-28-2010- Total Number of Offenders: 18,964
As of 7-05-2010- Total Number of Offenders: 18,723
As of 7-12-2010- Total Number of Offenders: 18,617
As of 7-21-2010- Total Number of Offenders: 18,529
As of 7-23-2010- Total Number of Offenders: 18,493

In just over 7 weeks, the Ohio AG office has removed fewer than 900 registrants from their Sex Offender Registry. We are told by the Ohio Public Defender Office that approximately 2300 individuals are slated to be removed. But keep in mind that people are forced onto this corrupt registry every day, as well. So the number removed is probably above 900.

The AG office has refused to answer or return our calls. They have now blacklisted Constitutionalfights. And they have told us so, very directly and rudely. So we must rely on you, the readers, to help do the job of holding them accountable.

Keep contacting the Ohio Attorney General’s Office daily until they get these re-classifications completed and send official letters !

We are hearing from some (not many) readers who have told us of their removal from the registry. We are happy to see these people relieved of their illegal punishments but we urge all readers to remain vigilant until the Attorney General Office sends official letters to registrants informing them that they no longer have a duty to register. Having these letters in hand is very important. Law enforcement is just as corrupt and incompetent as other state authorities are. If a sheriff bangs on your door in the middle of the night because you did not register, you need to have that letter in hand !

Justin Hykes, Assistant Attorney General of Ohio
FAX 614-466-5087
E-fax 1 866 293 1021

Paula Armentrout ,AG Help Center Manager can be contacted here:
Dan, Help Center Supervisor can be contacted here:

Ohio Attorney General Office:
Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray, 30 E. Broad St., 17th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215
(800) 282-0515
Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Email Ohio ESORN at OHLEGsupport@OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov

OHLEG Support
1-866-40-OHLEG (1-866-406-4534)

Media Contacts:

Kim Kowalski: (614) 728-9692, cell: (614) 893-6018
Ted Hart: Deputy Director of Media Relations
Office of the Ohio Attorney General
PHONE 614-728-4127, cell: (614) 743-2286
EMAIL ted.hart@ohioattorneygeneral.gov (614) 728-4127

We are also now actively seeking advice from any legal professionals who read these blogs, regarding potential legal action against the Ohio Attorney General Office for their failure to abide by this Ohio Supreme Court ruling. Please contact us at constitutionalfights@yahoo.com with any advice or willingness to help. Thank you.

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