The fight to defeat these draconian laws is of such great importance that we have now made the decision to start actively soliciting donations. If we are to defeat these abhorrent laws, it will not be “free”. Every battle involves a “cost”.

If you want to help the fight…
If you do not know how you can help…
If you do not have the time to help…
If you choose to donate….

We Thank You, and promise to be faithful stewards of all resources provided to our efforts.

Donation funds will be used for purposes such as:
Postage/mailings, printing costs, internet costs, research, transportation to legislative and court buildings across the state, legal challenges, and telephone costs , such as the $109 cell phone bill we had in March 2009 due to calling Washington DC Congressmen prior to the SORNA hearing on March 10th.

In Ohio, there are approximately 30,000 registered sex offenders and each one has at least one family member or loved one. If each sex offender in Ohio alone (and each family member or loved one of a sex offender) donated just $1 each, we would have all the financial support we would need to battle and defeat these draconian laws. Sadly however, most people affected by these laws will not donate and will not actively join the fight.

Click here to donate:

Donations will continue to be accepted after we have set our blogs to Archive Mode, on October 1, 2010.

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