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This is a listing of links to related blogs, websites, resources and organizations which we recommend:

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Reform Sex Offender Laws
(here you can find your state affiliate organization)

Women Against the Registry

Sense Offenses

Sex Offender Issues Blog
Sex Offender Issues

Citizens For Change

Justice In Jersey

Monster Mart

C.U.T.R Clean Up the Registry

Sex Offender Research

Once Fallen

Illegal Adam Walsh Act

Revoke Adam Walsh Act

National Institute of Corrections Library

Sex Crimes

No Adam Walsh Act

Petition to Repeal Adam Walsh Act

Sentencing Law and Policy

Sex Offender

SO Clear Media

Sex Offender Support and Education Network

Texas Voices

Georgians For Sex Offender Registry and Residency Restriction Reform

Constitutional Fights

David Son of Justice

Z The Legal Blog

Operation Awareness

Citizens for Change of Oklahoma

Citizens United to Reevaluate Sex Offender Registries – New Hampshire

Floridians for Reform of Sex Offender Laws

Maryland Citizens For Sex Offender Justice

Virginia RSOL

Citizens for Change of Washington State

Minnesota RSOL

Colorado RSOL


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